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Living Life Fully


“We don’t coach for a problem to be solved. We coach for a life to be lived”
~ Jim Patterson

I’m Arnold Zeman, a professional coach, and Jim’s words are my credo.
The whole-person approach is the royal road to lasting transformation


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Why turn to me for coaching?

Let’s be honest: I’m not meant to coach all comers. And, you’re not meant to be coached by just anyone. Apart from their training and experience, what distinguishes coaches from each other is who they are, what of themselves they bring to coaching. As for me, I bring my wholeness, including my life-long anxiety, to the coaching relationship. Another part of that wholeness is found in a 33-year career as a federal civil servant and eight years of work as a family and workplace mediator. You get a rough sense of the length and breadth of my life experience from that. It’s about my failures and successes in staking claim to the person I am.
I am not just all those parts of me that I like. I’m also made up of some things I don’t like, that I don’t like to be with. An important step has been to accept all of who I am, to own it and experience life in all its fullness.


What I stand for

I stand for claiming ownership of the richness of one’s entire life as the path to fulfillment and happiness. I also believe that we are all each others’ guests while here on planet Earth. So I stand too for the qualities of kindness, compassion, and non-judgment.
How do we know if we’re meant to work with each other as coach and coachee? Take a free test drive on coaching with me. We’ll both find out if we want to work together. Just send me an email or phone me.


The bottom line to the coaching that I offer is I ask powerful questions and you find your answers! It’s not a matter of finding the right answer or the wrong answer. I wouldn’t know it if I saw it about your life. It’s about finding your answer and moving towards living life in a more conscious and deliberate way.


I’m trained by the Coaches Training Institute to coach anyone with any agenda, whether leadership, executive, life or career. A key driver of my coaching is to increase your self-awareness and to further the action in your agenda. I hold you accountable for your action between coaching sessions. What did you experience? What did you learn? How does this fieldwork support you?